I’m Going to Miss That!!!

And here it is, part two of my little series on my time in China. Below you will find a listing of the fabulous things that I will miss about China. Enjoy!!!

  • A complete meal cooked right before my eyes for an unbelievably reasonable 5 RMB

  • Complete strangers requesting pictures with me – I mean, I’m kind of a big deal at home, but it’s not the same

  • The metro – You can go anywhere you want in Shanghai at rapid speed for 4 RMB

  • The interesting walks – because there’s always something exciting waiting just around the corner!!!

  • Random DVD vendors – from suspense to drama to a host of television series, if you want it, they’ve got it!

  • Haibo – Ah, the famed mascot of the World Expo. This blue guy is everywhere, and he’s dressed up in all kinds of random costumes!

  • Mango smoothies for 5 RMB

  • The vibrant colored lights that are always popping at night – I feel like a little kid being taunted by a shiny object!

  • Some of the best freshly popped kettle corn I have ever put in my mouth!

  • Fireworks – Why? Because they are always being set off by older men in their pajamas for absolutely no reason other than good times!

  • The fruit stands – AMAZING!!!

  • The fresh vegetables that are used in everything that you eat

  • Body scrubs and massages - Enough said!

  • Mani/pedi’s – I have never had someone pay such close attention to my cuticles! LOVE IT!!!

  • Remote-controlled air conditioners – We should definitely look into manufacturing these in the U.S.!!!

Trenia’s Finale:
This one’s going to be short and sweet because it’s almost time for me to get ready to head to the airport. I just want to say that I have learned so much this summer about everything from business to marriage to my personal strengths and weaknesses, but there is one thing that sticks out the most. I have learned that while it is very true that every action causes a reaction, we have the power to control our actions and/or reactions. For most of us, we typically have great control over our actions because we want to do what’s right and treat people fairly. However, I think it’s safe to say that all of us are guilty of reacting negatively when we are prompted by the negative actions of others. Now usually we feel justified in our reactions because we tell ourselves that “they started it!” Well, here’s my lesson for the summer: I must always take responsibility for my reactions, no matter the situation or circumstance. It might seem simple enough, but it’s one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn in a very long time.

Welcome to my world…expo-sure!!!

Oh China!!!

As I begin my countdown for my return home, I can’t help but reflect over the summer. I have really enjoyed my time in China, and I don’t think I could have chosen a better location for my IPSP. With that being said, I thought it appropriate to devote my next few posts to sharing what I’ve learned about myself, what I will miss about China, and what I won’t miss. This post is the first of the series, and the list that follows is a snapshot of things that I found to be less than desirable during my time here. Enjoy!

I won’t miss…

  • The random smells that could hit you at anytime – I mean, our skunks and paper mills have nothing on these smells…NOTHING!!!
  • The massive number of people – When they say there are 20 million people in Shanghai, they mean it!!!
  • The sluggish walkers on the streets, sidewalks and everywhere else that have decided that you have nothing to do – move it people, MOVE IT!!!
  • The public toilets – Again, our smells cannot compare
  • The concrete jungle – I need some trees and grass!!!
  • The Great Firewall of China and the attitudinal internet – I must give kudos to Google for its translation services…AMAZING!!!
  • Long lines – They’re everywhere! I wouldn’t have such an issue with these lines if it wasn’t for the inevitable: the random people that will come up and jump in front of everyone else in line. I’ve had at least two stern conversations with “line jumpers”. It wasn’t pretty!
  • Smoking – I am not joking...people smoke all the time, everywhere! This includes the gym, hospital, office buildings, bathrooms, etc. It’s a bit over the top.
  • “Crack pants” – This phenomenon is a little unsettling for me. Placing a large slit in the pants of infants/toddlers to provide easy access for bathroom purposes just doesn’t seem right. Then again, I don’t have kids so maybe my views are skewed. But I won’t miss it, and I have that right!
  • The non-chivalrous attitude that exists here – Surprisingly, you are more likely to be pushed by an old lady or middle-aged man than you are a twenty-something!
  • China Mobile’s failure to utilize call waiting – Sweet, sweet call waiting-how I’ve missed you!!!
  • The thick milk-like substance they call yogurt – Yogurt was made to be eaten with a spoon, not slurped out of a straw…enough said!

Trenia’s Finale:
If you’ve been paying attention to my blog, I was given a book by my classmate David Monteith, and I promised that we would revisit the book for a little laughter. As I pride myself in being a woman of my word, it’s that time again. Today’s chapter: How to Avoid Being Struck By Lightning. Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but I started giggling when I read the title of the chapter. I thought it was a joke at first, but nope, they actually try to tell you how to avoid lightning. Now while I believe they do a wonderful job of providing common sense tips on objects that one should steer clear of in a lightning storm such as bodies of water, flag poles, metal fences, etc., I have just one thought that I would like to share that I believe should have been the opening to this chapter. Lean in close to the screen, because this may very well be one of the greatest thoughts I’ve ever uttered:


That is all I have to say about that. I know it might seem a bit gloomy, but the good news is that it gives all of us one less thing to worry about. No need to thank me.

Stay tuned for the next episode…

Welcome to my world…expo-sure!!!